Starvara Litepaper

Starvara Technology And Product

Gameplay, Blockchain Technology, The Starvara Bond And Economy Explained...
GAMEPLAY 1.) AAA Levels of fidelity 2.) Open-World Metaverse 3.) Seamless Massively Multiplayer Technology 4.) Cutting edge Games Design
Through a variety of Smart Contracts and DAPP offerings, we will provide tools that will allow investors and speculators the option to take long or short positions on various GameFi assets.
VARA token is our primary ERC-20 utility token. They will be tradable on exchanges and can be used to buy memberships (BONDS) in the Starvara Open World.
Enabling crypto investors to speculate on the value of virtual in-game assets. This would allow investors to go long or short on virtual assets such as rocket fuel.
The Starvara Bond is a tradable form of membership in the Starvara Open World. Membership gives players premium access to the Open World with exclusive access to planets and various features that are unavailable to Free-To-Play Players.
Players can turn in-game items into real-world assets (NFTs), enabling them to create real value from playing the game, while truly owning their assets and items.
Players can earn and spend in-game currency on items inside the Starvara Universe.
BONDs will be accessible via VARA through easy-to-use in-game fiat and crypto onramps, allowing quick access to the Starvara Open World. Every time a player buys a BOND, it removes VARA from the liquidity pools and in turn creates upward pressure on the price of VARA. BONDs are pegged at $6.99 for a 14-day pass regardless of the price of VARA. For every BOND that users burn in exchange for premium membership, $3.00 is dedicated to the tokenomic model where $1.00 is used to buy back and burn VARA tokens and the other $2.00 is distributed to node token holders (proportional to the amount of VARA tokens they stake on their nodes).