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Starvara Lore

Old Earth is a distant memory. Overpopulated and utterly depleted, the fate of mankind lay in escaping our dying home world.
Humanity was spared from extinction by a marvel of engineering — the Exo-Chip. Invented by Earth’s most innovative thinkers, this ground-breaking piece of nano-technology was able to interface with biological organisms. Its primary function? It gave humans the ability to adapt to any environment quickly.
With these new superhuman powers, humanity could now not only survive the industrial hellscape of Old Earth but also thrive on a myriad of alien worlds that were once entirely inhospitable. Even the cold depths of outer space held no barrier to life, as the Exo-Chip could adapt to zero atmosphere. The doors to the galaxy had suddenly been flung wide open, and humanity spread across the stars.
Now, almost a millennium later, humans have evolved into bonafide trans-planetary species, spreading across the galaxy in ever-expanding waves of exploration and colonization. Unfortunately, the same hunger for resources and wealth that doomed our homeworld continues to drive us to find and exploit the riches of the galaxy.
But with great strides have come greater dangers. Humanity is not alone in the galaxy, and in its constant pursuit of resources and expansion, it has not only come into conflict with other species, but itself.
Currently, the galaxy finds itself embroiled in a conflict that has been raging for eight centuries — the Starvara Galactic War. It has pitted multiple factions across the galaxy against each other, in a constant fight for territory, resources, and survival. Three major contenders have come to the fore in this endless conflict.
The Nanomak Federation has roots that reach back to Old Earth. Upon the innovation of the Exo-Chip, Nanomak Industries invested heavily in humanity’s exploration and settling of distant worlds. And exerted tyrannical control on its new holdings. In the centuries that followed the loss of Old Earth, Nanomak turned itself into a fully-fledged political power on a galactic scale, giving birth to the Nanomak Federation. It is led by a power-hungry conglomerate of autocrats, who are only interested in self-enrichment through the exploitation of their subjects and whatever resources they can extract. They are a case study of the worst human nature has to offer. Because of the Federation’s tyrannical greed and nefarious exploitation of precious resources, the Starvara Galaxy needs a hero and needs it now.
Some believe that the hero we need is walking among the Rebellion, a group of anti-authoritarian renegades. Nanomak Federation historians have dubbed them “The Dragthneer Rebels’’, but today they refer to themselves simply as The Sons of Man. Fearsome fighters and anarchists, the rebels are steadfast and relentless in imposing their beliefs of law, order, and liberty across the Starvara Galaxy. They will fight tirelessly to keep their homeworlds pristine and out of the clutches of the Federation.
While the Federation and Rebellion have made their home on polar opposite ends of Starvara, the Onaw Outlaws lurk in Hell’s Corridor, the deadliest zone of all. The Corridor is unpatrolled and lawless, and unwelcoming to unwary visitors. Dare to pass through and the Outlaws will pitilessly pillage you for all that you’re worth. If they don’t get you, there are other hazards that might.
Mysterious and hostile, a legion of Psychic Fighters have also come to call Hell’s Corridor their home. They wield terrifying psychic powers that are a danger to any that would cross them. What their end goals are is unknown, but one thing is for certain, they will not tolerate trespassers. While not officially allied, the Onaw Outlaws and Psychic Fighters co-exist in the badlands of Hell’s Corridor.
How long can the tenuous situation between them last?