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Starvara Technical

The machinery that sets Starvara apart
TL;DR: Starvara will have a fully enabled in-game BTC wallet that leverages the Lightning Network, a Layer 2 solution for Bitcoin transactions, enabling fast and cost-effective payments. Smart contracts on the Lightning Network, supported by SCL's technology, enhance functionality and scalability within the ecosystem.
Byte Streaming technology optimizes data transmission, ensuring high-fidelity gameplay with minimal latency. The VARA App provides turnkey access to in-game rewards, trading opportunities, and a robust social platform, making the Starvara ecosystem universally accessible.

Bitcoin and Lightning Network

As the Bitcoin landscape continually evolves, emerging technologies like the Lightning Network pave the way for faster, more cost-effective, and more secure transactions. As a Bitcoin Layer 2 solution, the Lightning Network facilitates off-chain transactions with minimal fees and immediate confirmations, providing a revolutionary tool for scaling Bitcoin.
At its core, the Lightning Network is a network of payment channels that enable users to transact Bitcoin quickly and affordably, eliminating the need for every transaction to be recorded on the blockchain directly. This revolutionary model can process millions of transactions per second, starkly contrasting the Bitcoin blockchain's more limited capacity of a few hundred transactions every ten minutes.
To leverage the Lightning Network, two parties establish a payment channel between them by securing a specific amount of Bitcoin in a multi-signature address. This address requires both parties to authorize any transactions. Once the channel is established, they can transact Bitcoin back and forth instantly and fee-free, as long as the total amount transacted remains within the secured amount. These transactions are recorded on the Lightning Network's channel state and only broadcasted to the blockchain when the channel is closed.
The Lightning Network offers a more efficient, affordable, and quick method for Bitcoin transactions, making everyday purchases more feasible. While still in the early stages of adoption, the Lightning Network holds immense potential to broaden Bitcoin use cases and bring it one step closer to becoming a universally accepted payment form.
At VARA, we recognize the potential of the Lightning Network to create a groundbreaking solution that democratizes global financial access. Our team, a gaming and development studio, is deeply committed to integrating Lightning technology into our offerings, facilitating high-speed, large-scale transactions.
We are leading the charge in applying Lightning technology to the gaming industry to accomplish this goal. Starvara’s Battle Royale system leverages this technology for quick in-game purchases and rewards, esports and tournament participation, and earnings distribution. Simultaneously, we use the Lightning Network to facilitate lightning-fast payment processing directly to your in-game wallet, allowing instantaneous real-world conversions.
Join us in our mission to decentralize economies and empower individuals with our swift solutions for fintech and gaming products, a world-first initiative we're incredibly proud to champion!

Smart Contracts on the Lightning Network

While smart contracts are not native to the Bitcoin blockchain, the Lightning Network boast several innovative entities that have pioneered integrating this technology. Specifically, Starvara will integrate the pioneering technology offered by SCL. With Simple Contract Language, unlike traditional blockchain systems, data isn't housed on the blockchain or within the transactions or channel state of the Lightning Network. Instead, the state is tied to Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs), which function as single-use seals. These seals determine who can spend the corresponding transaction output.
The state's ownership confers the right to alter the smart contract state. This is achieved by creating a new state transition and its commitment in a transaction that spends the output containing the previous state. By harnessing the capabilities of SCL technology, Starvara intends to enhance its smart contract capabilities significantly, refine its operations, and offer superior services to its user community.
Starvara is eager to implement SCL's groundbreaking technology into its operations, specifically focusing on scalability. Its design avoids storing data on-chain, making it fully compatible with Layer 2 scalability solutions like the Lightning Network that Starvara uses for payment processing. This feature is crucial for maintaining high-quality, efficient services for players regardless of network activity levels. SCL's smart contract functionality will allow Starvara to create more intricate, reliable, and secure in-game transactions and agreements, effectively revolutionizing the gaming experience.
Byte Streaming and Security
A crucial component of Starvara’s construction revolves around the ability to seamlessly and easily stream high-fidelity broadcasts of gameplay without compromising on latency. After several iterations, we’re proud to introduce our Byte Streaming technology that forms the backbone of Starvara's backend infrastructure.
Byte streaming is our proprietary version of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), a suite of communication protocols integral to handling the networking aspect of a multiplayer game. With our version of TCP/IP, we transmit data at a byte level, ensuring significant efficiency in the volume of data sent over the internet for Starvara. This efficiency drastically reduces server costs. Furthermore, we have enhanced the security of our system by encrypting all transmitted data using a specially optimized version of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
We have taken encryption a step further in our system. Rather than encrypting standard-sized packets of 2048 bytes, as is typical with AES, we reduce the packet size to a mere 16 bytes, creating what we call a sub-packet. This reduction results in a 128x decrease in packet size, further minimizing the amount of data sent over the internet in Starvara. This configuration conceptually means that encrypted data in Starvara is itself encrypted, resulting in unprecedented security for user data in a gaming environment.