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Game Mode, Mechanics and Economy

2 game modes:
  1. 1.
    Starvara MMORPG (launching on all platforms in Q1 2025)
  2. 2.
    Starvara Battle Royale (launching on Mobile in Q3 2023)
Following the initial Battle Royale game mode, Starvara will release monthly patches, building towards a comprehensive play-to-earn massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) mode, supported by the Bitcoin Lightning Network. At this stage, Starvara will deliver the AAA-quality gameplay and experience users expect while facilitating comprehensive and synergistic innovations that define indie games and studios. These capabilities are made possible by our underlying byte streaming technology and real-time settlements of the Lightning Network.
Handcrafted virtual planets, financial speculation on in-game assets, and proprietary networking infrastructure are just some of the components that set Starvara apart as one of the first game titles to properly blend the proven aspects of game development with the reliable innovations found within GameFi. From highly customizable avatars to cross-platform functionality giving players access from any device, Starvara strives for quality and comprehensiveness in all gameplay aspects. The successful transition to an MMORPG environment highlights this ethos, showcasing how Starvara blends proven innovation with proprietary technology to significantly differentiate itself as a next-generation gaming ecosystem.
Battle Royale
Starvara’s Battle Royale will feature a 120-player maximum free-for-all as an initial introduction to the universe. Like familiar battle royale-style games, players fight in an ever-shrinking arena until only one remains. Competitive modes require financial buy-in from players, introducing speculative elements to Starvara from the outset. Winners of competitive rounds receive a significant payout derived from other users who paid to play in that round. Alternatively, free-to-play mode offers less risk while allowing players to experience the excitement of the Starvara battle system and grow their skills.
These initial stages are designed to engage and entertain players while allowing Starvara to gather crucial data for further developments. Data-driven development is a cornerstone of the Starvara universe, allowing us to remain flexible and nimble in addressing community desires and helping us deliver the best gameplay experience possible. Concurrently, players can earn tokens, NFTs, and cosmetic rewards, which can be carried forward into the full Starvara MMORPG experience. This continuity from the early stages of Starvara’s development fosters a sense of persistence, reward, and ownership for players who engage with the universe early and play a part in its continued development.
Game Mechanics:
Starvara invites players on an epic journey through a dangerous cosmos, offering endless options for immersive gameplay. The initial game mode is Battle Royale, where players fight head-to-head for in-game prizes with real-world value. The subsequent MMORPG mode will feature monthly patches, building a comprehensive play-to-earn experience supported by the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Starvara's high-quality gameplay, customizable avatars, and cross-platform functionality set it apart as a next-generation gaming ecosystem.
In-Game Economy:
The VARA token serves as the primary medium of exchange in Starvara, allowing players to buy memberships, purchase assets, redeem in-game rewards, and more. The tokenomics support the underlying VARA token ecosystem, ensuring a fixed supply and deflation over time. Starvara uses SCL’s Lightning Network technology to issue in-game assets, offering fungible and non-fungible tokens for customization and rarity. Players can create, trade, and own unique assets, fostering a sense of persistence, reward, and ownership.