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Character Creation, Assets, Drop Vaults, Rarity & Drop Rates

Character Creation - Choose between 6 unique character classes to begin your narrative
In Starvara, players have the freedom to express their personal style and create unique individuals ready for galactic domination. With in-depth creation options, there are over a billion possible unique avatar combinations. Choose from a variety of character classes and become a standout figure in the open world.
In-Game Assets - Over 1,400 assets to get and own throughout your game experience
Customize your avatar's look with our extensive range of classy cosmetics. From headgear to accessories, you'll find everything you need to become the character you desire. Keep an eye out for ultra-rare legendary cosmetics, including the highly sought-after Gold Starvara Jacket.
Drop Vault Assets - Stand the chance to unlock legendary items Stay tuned for monthly and quarterly drops of cosmetic loot boxes (Drop Vaults) in Starvara. These drops offer a high chance of obtaining rare and mythic items that can enhance your gameplay or make you a fashion icon in the Starvara universe.
Access Keys - Unlock the power of the Starvara game economy
To power the intricate infrastructure of the Starvara universe, we are offering the unique Access Key product. This unlocks the earn feature within the game economy and grants eligibility for rare cosmetic drops. There will only ever be 25,000 of these iconic assets released.
Rarity and Drop Rates - In-depth rarity model that drives value
Starvara introduces a game-changing rarity model for its Drop Vault item economy. With a multi-tiered rarity system, common, rare, and legendary items have distinct chances of dropping. This incentivizes a user-driven demand and supply economy.