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MMORPG - Spaceships, Planets & Raids

Spaceships - 48 unique handcrafted spaceships to travel across the galaxy in
Experience the vastness of the Starvara open world with a selection of customizable spaceships. From high-end galactic fighters to humble asteroid trawlers, there's a ship for every player's preference.
Raids - Build the ultimate raid team to claim the greatest rewards Starvara has to offer
Engage in thrilling raids with participant counts ranging from 5 to 100. These challenging missions can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 3 hours to complete, offering increasing rewards based on the difficulty level.
Planets - Over 100 handcrafted planets for endless adventure
Explore the meticulously designed planets in the Starvara universe. With a team of talented developers, animators, and designers, we strive to bring a premium look and feel to our virtual world. Traverse the solar system, discovering new landscapes - alien, wild and exotic - and engage in thrilling battles or with diverse and complex cultures. By the time the game has been fully patched in, players will be able to visit over 100 planets, from barren moons to bizarre jungle worlds.
Solar Systems - 20 solar systems within an endlessly expanding game universe
The Starvara open world consists of multiple solar systems governed by various factions, including the Federation, the Rebellion, and the Pirates. Each faction has its own unique laws and rules, shaping the airspace in their respective territories. Beware of the dangerous Hell's Corridor, a hostile area controlled by pirates. Prepare for an ever-expanding universe filled with excitement and adventure.
With Starvara’s initial game offering being our Battle Royale based upon the monstrous FIST 1 space station, we will gradually patch in new solar systems and game content over the coming months. To realize the true magnitude of the Starvara MMORPG experience, we aim to release 20 solar systems, but it won’t stop there. In subsequent expansions, the Starvara universe has the potential to expand infinitely, giving players endless content to engage with.