Starvara Litepaper

Spaceships, Planets and Raids

48 customizable Spaceships | Space travel between planets | Mid-Air battles | Space Stations | Traverse the Solar System
Starvara offers a range of high-end, superior galactic fighting ships as well as more humble options like asteroid trawlers or broken down fishing vessels. All of these ships are equipped to handle the vast and expansive Starvara Open World.
5 - 100
Raids can have a participant count ranging from 5 to 100, take anywhere from 40 minutes to 3 hours to complete, have a difficulty level that can vary from low to extremely high, and offer increasing rewards per raid with higher difficulty. The game will launch with 5 Raids and we will consistently expand the game and add new Raids.
We’ll be utilizing the best team of devs, builders, animators, character designers and advisors to bring the Starvara world to life. We have a large focus bringing a premium look and feel to our virtual world and give the Crypto Gamers a real AAA game they deserve.
20 Solar Systems
The Starvara Open World is composed of multiple solar systems, separated into three segments that are under the jurisdiction of various factions: The Nanomak Federation, The Sons of Man, and the Onaw Outlaws. Each of these factions rules different parts of the airspace, each with its own unique laws and rules. In the center lies Hell's Corridor, a hostile and dangerous airspace where the Onaw Outlaws reside and fight for survival. No one is safe from their ravages – friends and enemies beware! You are now entering the constantly expanding Starvara Universe.