Starvara Litepaper

Game Economic And Token Issuance

VARA will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule which lasts for 72 months from the public sale.
VARA will be unlocked in a predetermined schedule that lasts 72 months from launch. The total supply will never exceed 1,325,466,718.83.
The expected issuance of VARA is expected to be slightly lower than the unlock schedule. The Play-to-Earn and Create-to-Earn allocations will not be issued until the game is ready for a growth phase, even if the tokens are unlocked.
VARA is the primary/native token of the project. VARA can be used as a means of payment for subscription access to the service. In addition to the subscription, and items (e.g. planets) will only be available on the primary markets against VARA, and specific in-game operations will also require VARA.
The VARA token is used directly or indirectly as a tailor-made governance token in the Starvara Galactic Council. In the future, additional, practical utilities will be built around VARA tokens (e.g. VARA paid to a moderator, with access to certain content, hosting own tournaments, etc.); Content creators in the "Foundry" will be rewarded with VARA tokens. The VARA will be paired on the secondary markets with all the other tokens of the Starvara ecosystem.
The VARA token will be limited to a total supply of 1,325,466,718.83 tokens. During the first phase, all VARA tokens will be minted and locked or dispatched following the current issuance plan by the Dubai-based entity Starvara Ltd.
Technical Aspects
The key points regarding the technical aspects of the VARA are as follows: ERC-20 compatible token built on Ethereum. Limited supply: 1,325,466,718.83 tokens Divisibility: 18 decimals.